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Ankle Block for Pain Relief.

We work hard to provide as effective pain relief after your procedure as is possible. We actively concentrate on pain relief after all types of foot surgery to make your surgical experience as comfortable as possible. We employ modern evidence based techniques to control post operative pain. Ankle block has proven to be the optimum technique available for post opeartive pain relief after foot surgery. It also promotes enhanced recovery and shortened hospital stay.

What is Ankle Block:  This is a technique of providing post operative pain relief.
Foot and Ankle surgery has traditionally been painful. With the advent of newer surgical techniques and bone fixation methods, the pain relief has greatly improved. This is further helped by introducing local anaesthetic nerve blocks (Ankle Block). The ankle block provides immediate pain relief after surgery. Oral painkiller tablets are then prescribed for continued pain control. Your surgeon will inject local anaesthetic around your ankle to block all the nerves around it while you are asleep. This provides adequate pain relief for at least 12 - 18 hours after operation. Please ask your surgeon for more information.

The foot is rested in special bandage after operation, rarely a plaster cast may be necessary. It is recommended that the foot is kept elevated to avoid swelling. Putting ice e.g a bag of frozen peas, over the bandages, helps with both pain and swelling. It is recommeded to apply ice wrapped in a towel onto the bandages for 30 minutes 3-4 times a day. Mobility is maintained in special post operative sandal. Use of crutches or a frame may be required under the direction of a physiotherapist. Please avoid getting your bandages wet.

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