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Ankle Instability. (Minimally Invasive Surgery. MIS)

This is a feeling of giving way in the ankle, insecurity or repeated sprains. It generally develops following twisting injury or sprained ankle. Usually the “giving way” occurs while walking or doing other activities, but it can also happen when you’re just standing. Many athletes, as well as others, may suffer from chronic ankle instability following twisting injury to ankle or going over an ankle.

If your ankle feels wobbly or unstable and gives way repeatedly, or if you’ve had recurring ankle sprains, consult an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon to have your condition evaluated and treated.

Chronic ankle instability that is left untreated may lead to continued instability, activity limitations, tendon problems and arthritis. Many patients with this problem benefit from a course of intensive physiotherapy.

Surgical management for this problem is possible through various techniques including telescopic (arthroscopy MIS) procedures by capsular shrinkage. Some patients however may require open surgery with ankle ligament reconstruction. Syndesmosis (lower joint between the 2 leg bones ie Tibia and Fibula) injuries may also require stabilization.

Arthroscopic Lateral Capsular Shrinkage: This is a technique that has previously been used for treatment in other joints of the body eg shoulder joint. It has recently been tried for stabilisation of mechanical instability of ankle joint. This procedure is performed through keyhole (arthroscopic) method. The technique has now been in practice for the past 8 years at lancashire foot clinic. Our results have been audited and confirmed it to be a successful procedure with results comparable to published literature.

High Ankle Sprain

This uncommon injury to ankle syndesmosis can be disabling and a cause of on going problems after sprain injury. It requires careful assessment and special investigations to make an accurate diagnosis which is then treated with modern minimally invasive surgical techniques.

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