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Specialist Nurse

Nurses support is invaluable in our Foot & Ankle Unit and aesthetic clinics:

Dr Shah Khan

Lisa Zubairy

Lisa Zubairy is highly trained nurse supporting patients in our clinics. She also works in the NHS at sister grade. Lisa is also trained in non surgical aesthetic procedures including Botox, dermal fillers and other facial treatments. .


The input from specialist physiotherapist is integral part of management of foot and ankle disorders, both before and after any surgical procedure that may have been performed. The individual patient requirement is assessed and appropriate arrangements are made following that. Many musculoskeletal conditions are assessed and treated by physiotherapists.

Their role in rehabilitation following surgery is crucial in obtaining the optimum outcome for the patient


Chiropodists (now often called Podiatrists) diagnose and treat abnormalities of the lower limb. They give professional advice on the prevention of foot problems and on proper care of the foot. They would provide biomechanical assessment and orthosis to correct foot and ankle malalignment. Our Podiatrists carry out general foot care, prescription and provision of orthotics. The podiatrists in our team do nail surgery, but they do not do any other operations.


Provide care for anyone requiring a device to support or control part of the body (orthosis). They will also advise on rehabilitation.

Orthotist provide a range of splints, braces and special footwear to aid movement, correct deformity and relieve discomfort.

An essential part of the orthotists job is to assess the patients problem. A prescription is formulated in conjunction with the foot and ankle surgeon to design the orthosis.

Orthotist is responsible for taking careful and precise measurements of the patient and supervise the making, fitting and adjustment of the orthosis, as well as educating them in fitting and using their orthosis. The device may also be termed as surgical appliances.


Dr Shah Khan

Prof Shah Khan

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist
GMC 4609410

Shah Khan was appointed as Consultant in 2003 and has completed Fellowship in Musculoskeletal imaging and treatment at the world renowned Leiden University Medical Centre, Holland. He specialises in imaging of bone and joint diseases and sports injuries and guided treatments. Super-specialises in imaging of ankle and foot disorders.


With his expertise in imaging, he has diagnosed sports injuries and treated with guided injections, elite sportsmen/women, ranging from premier league footballers, rugby players, Olympic athletes, cage fighters, fell walkers to tennis players. He also diagnoses degenerative changes involving the joints such as arthritis, tendons such as Achilles/patellar tendinitis and back/spine pain.

Currently his research is focussed on plantar plate diagnosis in the toes and imaging of SLE in small joints.

He is the educational supervisor for radiology trainees. He is on the Faculty of University of Cumbria, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound MSc Course since 2008 and is frequently Ultrasound tutor at the European Society of Skeletal Radiology (2015).

He is on the Editorial Board of British Journal of Hospital Medicine and pan European journal, Radiological Documents. He has over 30 peer review journal publications.

He is currently Treasurer, British Society of Skeletal Radiologists.

He is the only British recipient of an international award (ESSR/ISS, 2005), for research on hand bone tumours.

In recognition for his contribution to excellence in radiology and the NHS, the National Clinical Excellence Committee have bestowed Shah with the prestigious bronze award in 2016.




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