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MIS Bunion. Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

MIS, Minimally invasive or keyhole surgery for forefoot problems.

Now available for selected cases at our clinics at selected hospitals. 

Including Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery. (MICA)

Click here to find out more about minimally access foot surgery.

Read NICE guidance on minimally invasive foot surgery.


Is it possible to have minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for my Bunion?

Minimally invasive (MIS) or keyhole surgery is now available at our clinic. Not all bunions can be treated with this technique. Your surgeon will examine and assess your foot for suitability for this type of surgery. Read NICE guidance on the use of this procedure.

Am I suitable for minimally invasive forefoot surgery:

Specialist expertise ensures that treatment is most appropriate for each individual patient. After having a specialist consultation & assessment we can advise whether minimally invasive forefoot surgery is appropriate for you. Typically, patients with mild to moderate deformities are suitable for this type of ‘keyhole’ surgery.

Our surgeon provides expert advice on all aspects of foot & ankle surgery. His aim is to ensure that the treatment he provides at his clinic leads to the best possible outcome for our patients.

How is minimally invasive forefoot surgery performed?

At Lancashire Foot Clinic, we offer the most advanced techniques to achieve successful treatment & optimal recovery.

The surgeon makes 3 mm incisions through which to perform the correction using a 2 mm diameter cutting device to shave or cut the bone in a controlled manner under x-ray guidance.
Where shaving excess bone from the foot the surgeon then carefully removes this unwanted bone. If a correction is needed the correct position is attained and a screw is placed in the bone to maintain this position until the bone heals. These screws are small and designed to sit inside the bone reducing their need for removal.

It is important that minimally invasive forefoot surgery is carried out by a specialist foot and ankle surgeon with extensive experience of open forefoot surgery, which forms the fundamentals of this technique. Please ask your surgeon about detailed information.



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