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    Having had pain for teens of years on both feet and after trying various painkillers and later the steroid injections I decided it was time to try for a complete cure to the problem.

    I was booked into Gisburn Park Hospital on Wednesday 29th April 2015 for the above operation.
    Although all aspects of the operation were explained by Mr A Zubairy my consultant I was still a bit worried about pain and how I would cope with two/three of my bones in my foot fused together.

    The operation was carried out with an injection into the spine which meant that I was totally numb from the waist down but was concious for the operation which lasted for nearly two hours. I felt no pain at all during the operation. I had a full bandage with reinforced back fitted to my leg from foot to just below the knee, and was again told that foot was non weight bearing.

    After being transferred back to my room I was offered drinks and checked on constantly by the nursing staff. The following morning I ate breakfast and was totally content with no hint of pain, probably because of the painkillers I had been given during the night. Later in the morning a physiotherapist visited me with a zimmer frame and helped me take a few steps to familiarise me with it. Then lunch, and home by teatime and as yet no pain whatsoever. I spent the next two weeks sitting with my foot up being waited on constantly.

    Two weeks later I was back at the hospital for the removal of the sutures and after being checked over by Mr Zubairy I was fitted with a hard bandage (cast) reminded that my foot was still non weight bearing and sent home, for more rest and relaxation which I was beginning to enjoy. I had experienced no pain at all since having the operation done.

    Two and a half weeks later I was back at the hospital for the removal of the hard bandage and was equipped with an adjustable Maxtrax boot which came to just below the knee. I was told I could put very light weight on my foot but only if supported with crutches.

    Two weeks later a quick check at the hospital to see if everything was going ok with no pain or problems and slight adjustment to the Maxtrax boot which allowed me to bend my ankle and walk more normally.

    Then a final eight weeks gently walking around with crutches before my final consultation with Mr Zubairy who declared me fit and well and I could take off the boot and start physiotherapy to rebuild the muscles I'd lost with my most enjoyable easy life waiting for my foot to heal.

    Now, a month later and I'm fully fit and walking about quite normally but with NO pain on that foot and hopeful that I can have the same procedure on the other foot.

    A big big thank you to Mr Zubairy and all the nursing and operation staff at Gisburn Park for a totally trouble free and pain free operation.
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