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Mrs D S's Story

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    It is eight weeks since I had surgery on my left foot for a Bunion and Hammer Toe correction. I underwent the same procedure on
    my right foot last January. I was admitted as an NHS daycare patient. Both operations were performed by Mr. Zubairy at Gisburne Park Hospital.

    Initially, for a few days after the operation, there was pain. I was prescribed pain relief tablets and given advice. I never had a night of disturbed sleep. I wore a Donjoy surgical shoe and used crutches for six weeks.

    Three weeks after the January operation and two weeks after the June operation the sutures were removed. Although still bandaged my feet were more comfortable.

    The pins inserted to correct the hammer toes were removed six weeks after each operation. I never had any discomfort and their removal, on a scale of one to ten, was two and four respectively.

    The shoe and crutches were discarded two weeks ago. Although my left foot is still a little swollen I am able to walk longer distances with ease.

    I am very grateful to Mr. Zubairy and his excellent team for their care and support. All the staff at Gisburne Park are caring and friendly, concerned to put one at ease.
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