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    I had bunions on both feet and had two operations January and May 2013.
    Problems: Painful feet, I found it hard to walk any distance, very poor balance, feet were very sore, shoes didn't really fit, left foot was particularly deformed. I had swelling around one knee and had bad back ache.

    Mr Zubairy, my consultant, was very easy to talk to, he answered all my questions, giving me the pros and the cons. He instilled confidence into me.

    The staff at Gisburn Park (on the NHS) were exemplary and the care I received was really good - you hear such a lot of criticism of hospitals but I was very well looked after.

    The operation went very well and I had expected to experience a lot of pain, indeed I had previously been advised by medical & chiropody professionals to 'buy good shoes and avoid surgery.' but there was NOT any pain - neither after the op nor during the recovery.

    I want to stress that I did not have any pain at all. After the operation my foot was well bandaged and I had pain killers. Returning home, the hardest part was mastering the crutches to get upstairs and I'll be honest I sat downstairs and hardly moved for the first couple of weeks. I was lucky to have good support. There wasn't any pain at all, but I had to sit still with foot elevated to reduce the swelling. This took weeks rather than days, particularly for the first foot.

    I had several checkups and saw Mr Zubairy at each visit and he gave me advice as to what I should be doing to help the progress of my big toe.

    Attached are some photos, before, after op and final foot. Mr Zubairy did a magnificent job on both feet.

    It is now twelve months since I went in for my first op. I can stand up straight and feel much firmer on the ground. My backache and swollen knee have gone. It takes a lot of exercising your feet to get the mobility back, but.....

    Both feet are straight. I am so pleased and I am now much better able to enjoy my retirement. My feet feel firm on the ground and I can now walk for miles comfortably and confidently across uneven surfaces and balance much better at yoga.

    I was amazed that although recovery is quite a long process, it really was pain free. I really appreciate Mr. Zubairy's skill which has greatly improved my quality of life.

    ' I have got full movement of my big toes without pain (can put weight completely on toes in yoga class). In addition the scars are so fine that they were virtually invisible by 9 months. My feet look straight and I am proud of them'
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