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Mrs J B's Story

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    I have suffered with painful bunions most of my life, but learnt to just live with them - the thought of an operation on my feet made me feel ill!
    However, a year ago, after realising that my bunions were painful even when wearing flip flops, and that I was waking up during the night with throbbing pains, I decided to look into having surgery.
    My right foot was operated on in June 2012. I was quite amazed at how little pain there was. The ankle block kept me pain free for almost 36 hours, and I then took painkillers for another three days. After that, it was tender, but less painful than before the operation. I didn't need to stay in hospital overnight, and could walk without my crutches after a couple of days. After two weeks my bandages were taken off and it was very strange looking at my new foot. It took me about a week to get used to it without a bump! I was also surprised at the scar. I thought it would be a big ugly scar down the top of my foot, but Mr Zubairy made the incision down the side and is hardly noticable. Now six months on, all the swelling has gone, the scar has faded, and it is now painfree and much better looking!
    I couldn't wait to get my left foot operated on in November, and was actually quite looking forward to it. That was just over six weeks ago, and I can now walk without the surgical boot. My toe is still a little bit stiff, but Mr Zubairy showed me some exercises to do, which I do regularly, and I can feel the stiffness slowly going.
    I am so happy with my new painless feet, and am very grateful to Mr Zubairy for giving them to me!
    I have added pictures of my right foot six months after surgery, and my left foot before surgery. (unfortunately it was not possible to load photographs that the patient had sent us)
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