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    I had surgery to remove a Morton’s Nueroma from my left foot six weeks ago. The procedure was carried out under a spinal anaesthetic. I had suffered for some time with the condition which gradually worsened over several months due to running. The conditions worsened to the point were I could not drive short distances without numbness to my 2nd and 3rd toes.

    The operation itself took less than 20 minutes with a tourniquet being applied. The spinal anaesthetic meant I was awake throughout the operation but could not feel anything. I was given an ankle block which was extremely effective and I was pain free for almost twenty four hours. I was able to go home within six hours of surgery once the spinal anaesthetic had worn off. The dressing on my foot was bulky and did take a little getting use to (that meant no PARTY shoes for a while!!!!). I was given a special shoe and crutches to mobilize with. I took painkillers for a further twenty four hours but nothing after that. The dressing was kept on for 2 weeks when the sutures were due to be removed. The dressing had to be kept dry and not removed, easier said than done!!!! I was able to put my weight on the affected foot almost immediately although it was a little uncomfortable initially.

    Once the sutures where removed, which was absolutely painless, my toes (the ones where the neuroma was removed) were numb but not in a bad way. Having had the sutures out I was able to wear normal footwear, but footwear with a little padding such as training shoes were more comfortable for a short period of time. The scar was tender for a period of several days but once I started wearing normal footwear the tenderness subsided. After six weeks I began running short distances with none of the pain or the numbness to my toes that I had before surgery. I hope now I will be able to complete the Half Marathon I am aiming for without any more pain or discomfort !
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